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By redirecting traffic to the cloud service, we can authenticate and filter requests by users, and mitigate risks posed by various security threats.

How ZebraCloud Web Security Services work:

  • Web Security Cloud operates as a proxy As such, it applies filters and content scanning in order to provide users with protection against a range of security threats as well as data loss, and inappropriate content.
  • The Web Security Cloud service identifies and authenticates users using a range of applicable methods.
  • The service provides a scan of HTTPS content by using optional SSL decryption and presents users with a clean notification page. The scanned content is then re-encrypted.


Top Features

Sandbox protection

The use of Sandboxing allows us to go beyond standard antivirus protection to provide you with real-time analysis of web content and risk scoring.

Protection against malware

Our Cloud services provide real-time inspection of various online platforms in order to protect your network, data, and information from malware and cyber attackers. We use a wide range of solutions, including endpoint software where needed, as well as web security software and transparent authentications of users who connect to the ZebraCloud infrastructure.

Empower the social web while automatically controlling inappropriate content

ZebraCloud social web controls allow access to social media while preventing the use of inappropriate content such as games.


Provide on-the-spot add-ons and features such as email security

ZebraCloud Web Security services and ZebraCloud Email Security work in sync with one another. They are both configured by a single user interface and provide shared management services.

Simplify user authentication/identification

ZebraCloud Web Security simplifies user authentication and identification with multiple mechanisms.

We provide you with easy and time-saving solutions for web security

ZebraCloud Web Security is a service that is provided to our clients. As such, it is less complicated and costly and does not require the full attention of the IT staff.

Ongoing monitoring of activity and performance

ZebraCloud Security provides a comprehensive and easy solution for management and reporting requirements.

Customizable, easy-to-read reporting

Advanced Cloud-based reporting functionality provides fast, efficient, easily customizable reporting, providing added-value and actionable insight into Security risks, traffic, and more.

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